frequently asked questions
WHAT KINDS OF VIDEOS SHOULD I SHARE? It’s totally up to you! Whether you are sharing a playing video for coaching feedback or a question video for next-level insights, you can use existing videos you shot last month or create a whole new video for the occasion. The videos just need to meet our basic upload requirements and you’re good-to-go! WHAT ARE YOUR BASIC VIDEO UPLOAD REQUIREMENTS? Each video can be about 5 minutes long or 500MB, and are usually shot on cell phones. What we found is that in sports, 5 minutes is an awfully long time. In fact, the most effective highlight videos or questions are generally no longer than a minute or two. That said, the most important thing is that you feel good about your video. So please, max out that 5 minutes if you want, that’s what it’s there for. WHERE ARE PLAYER VIDEOS NORMALLY SHOT? All over the place! All you need to do is find the space, which may include: yards, living rooms, schools, games, practices, and even basketball or tennis courts. Really anywhere you can roll a ball that has decent lighting. WHERE ARE QUESTION VIDEOS NORMALLY SHOT? Anywhere that isn’t too loud. By way of example, we get a lot of question videos from parents and players just after games/practices when their coming off the field or in their cars when questions are usually more top of mind. CAN I COMBINE PLAYING FOOTAGE AND QUESTIONS INTO ONE VIDEO? Of course. We totally get that sometimes it just makes sense to ask questions while you’re shooting a playing video. If you combine, please upload and share the combine video under the “playing video” section of your Player Dashboard. WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF THE QUESTIONS YOU ARE ASKED? We field questions from every stage of the soccer journey. Here’s a little flavor: When (age), where (youth program), and how (competitively or not) should my child start playing soccer? What cleats and shin guards should my child wear? Can you provide insight on nutrition and lifestyle factors (e.g., sleep) that impact on-the-field performance and off-the-field success (e.g., school)? Is my child playing in the best position or on the right team? What are some local programs we should be looking at to help our child develop? My child has specific goals, can you help us map out a path to achieve them? Which tactics and soccer moves should my child learn to be a better player? What are some good habits to balancing competitive soccer with school work? What should we know about the college recruitment process? Can you assess DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, NJCAA and Club/Intramural college soccer programs and recommend the best fit for our child? What is the path to turning pro? How can I play abroad? What can you tell us about some of the non-playing soccer careers (e.g., coach, scout, agent, reporter, etc…)? WHEN SHOULD I EXPECT A RESPONSE TO MY VIDEOS AND QUESTIONS FROM COACH TEAGUE? In most cases, within 2 or 3 days. (if not sooner!) And, in the rare case that it takes us a day or two longer, it’s likely because we do not believe in “off the top of our head” responses. Our commitment to your success means we will always do our homework to provide you with the coaching and answers you deserve. WHAT KIND OF FEEDBACK OR INSIGHTS CAN I EXPECT FROM COACH TEAGUE? Simply put, next-level. Coach Teague has a massive amount of all-around experience in and outside the game. He leverages this experience and his soccer connections to deliver to you a one-of-a-kind service. Coach Teague genuinely cares and values your time and commitment to soccer. Once he’s viewed your video or question, he immediately goes into problem solving mode. This may lead him to strap on the boots to demonstrate a move or even take you step-by-step through the college recruitment process. But believe us, no matter his method, you can be sure he has crossed his T’s and dotted his lowercase j’s on your behalf. HOW OLD ARE THE PLAYERS YOU COACH? The general range to enjoy significant benefits from our positive, non-traditional coaching and mentoring is between 10 and 25 years old, but we have seen success both younger and older than this. We recommend players start training around the age of 8, but athletes develop differently, so it must be assessed on a player-by-player basis. WILL MY PROFILE OR VIDEOS BE PUBLIC? No. Your account is private. CAN I PAUSE OR CANCEL MY ACCOUNT AT ANY TIME? You bet. We want you to use us when you need us. Maybe that’s year-round or maybe it’s just from time to time. We get it. To skip months (i.e., pause) for any player or cancel your account, please email us at least two business days prior to your next scheduled payment and we will promptly make it happen without any further commitments or charges and send you an email confirmation. It’s that easy. And remember, there’s no contract. When you are not using the platform, you will not be charged until you un-pause or re-activate your account, which you can easily do by just emailing us with your request to restart service. Upon processing your request to restart service, you will be charged the standard Monthly Plan Fee until you re-pause or cancel your account. We’ll certainly miss you while your gone, but if you change your mind or need us in the future, you can always return and pick up right where you left off!